Our Mission

At Improving Gifted Intellects, our motto is Guiding Youth to Greatness, which is also our overall goal.

In order to achieve this mission, we must combat a multitude of problems that face the children, youth, and young adults of Baltimore City. These same children, youth, and young adults make up more than a third of Baltimore’s population.

Residents of Baltimore’s inner city are systemically hindered, preventing them from success. According to a 2016 American Community Survey:

  • Only 29.8% of Baltimore City students complete high school or attain a GED
  • Only 28.7% of Baltimore City students attain a Bachelor’s degree
  • 19.7% of youth criminal offenders will recidivate within 12 months of criminal conviction.
    • By 36 months, this percentage doubles to nearly half (46.7%).

We at Improving Gifted Intellects believe that precise and unwavering focus on improving Baltimore’s education system – particularly that of its youth – will spark positive change in communities across the city.

We also believe that exposing Baltimore’s children, youth, and young adults to a diverse range of outlets will broaden their perspectives on life whilst encouraging growth and independence.

Lastly, at Improving Gifted Intellects, we will strive to adequately steer Baltimore children, youth, and young adults away from communal vices, in addition to preparing them for college and their independent lives beyond.